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The "American Tragedy" Murder

The murder of Freda McKechnie in summer of 1934 near Sandy Beach was quickly dubbed the “American Tragedy Murder” in the national press because of its striking similarity to the plot of a popular 1925 Theodore Dreiser novel of the same name



The Sugar Hollow Murder

The Memorial Day 1945 murder of Charles "Chick" Randall puzzled Harvey's Lake police chief Fred Swanson. Randall ran a row boat concession at the lake and seemed to have no enemies. The sensational crime was written up in Crime Detective magazine.




alice crispell

The Alice Crispell Mystery

The discovery of young Alice Crispell's body floating in the lake on July 11, 1913 was the beginning of a sensational murder mystery. Was she murdered or was it suicide? A man was charged with the crime, but the case was never solved.


The Legend of
Chief John T. Ruth

It was the Roaring Twenties. Harvey's Lake Police Chief John T. Ruth was tough. He couldn't be bought. He took on the illegal stills and the money crowd. He was murdered.



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