The Lake Trolley


The Harvey's Lake Trolley Line

The Wilkes-Barre-Harvey's Lake Trolley was a key factor in the development of the lake as a resort. The trolley cut the time for travel from Wilkes-Barre to just a few hours instead of an all-day affair aboard a stagecoach.



Trolley Postcard

Pre-World War I postcard view of the Lake Trolley. The card was manufactured in Germany for the Hill Pavillion Shop at the Inlet (now Sunset).


Camp Wildwood


Notes of D.A. Waters on the Harvey's Lake Trolley and Railroad

According to "old timer" D.A. Waters, Car No. 2 of the trolley line was unlucky, having been involved in several accidents. He recounted this and other stories of the trolley line for a local newspaper in 1962, long after the trolley had ceased operation.



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