For nearly 30 years Fern Brook remained largely a picnic grove for family, church, industrial labor and lodge gatherings.  It was a popular site for family reunions. 

Postcard views of the park during this period are quite rare and show simple structures and amusements (like swings) in a mainly wooded grove setting.  These views are particularly rare since it appears the park, in its later reincarnation as a full amusement park, appears not to have produced postcard views.  This is in contrast to the wide production of postcard views of Hanson’s, Rocky Glen and other area parks.

The trolley line always owned the park land through the 1940's. It also managed the park grounds until 1926 when Fern Brook was transformed into a major amusement park. In the spring of 1926 a group of investors purchased the picnic ground rights and equipment but not the land itself.

A partnership, on March 27, 1926, created the Fern Brook Park Amusement Company to completely rebuild the park at a reputed cost of $100,000. The partners were Gerwin D. Aclair, Forty-Fort; S. Oscar Bougher, Hugh J. McKane, James A. McKane, William Multer, all of Wilkes-Barre; and Eugene W. Mulligan, Kingston.

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