Harveys Lake History

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Historic Parks and Amusements
The Picnic Grounds
Hanson's Amusement Park
Hanson's Dances
The Bud Light Ampitheatre
Sandy Beach & Old Sandy Bottom Beach
Mayer's Grove

Historic Hotels

The Hotel Oneonta
Inns & Guesthouses
Warden Place
Sports & Recreation

The Summer Playhouse 1939

Smelt Fishing
Smith's Flying Service
Championship Swimmers 1936-1939

1950s Speed Boat Races

Brynfan Tyddyn Road Races
The YWCA & Girl Scout Camps
Lady of the Lake Beauty Contest
The Lake's Historic Steamboats
Famous Murders

The American Tragedy Murder

The Sugar Hollow Murder

The Alice Crispell Mystery
The Legend of John T. Ruth

The Murder of John T. Ruth

Historic Events
The Discovery of Harvey's Lake
Teddy Roosevelt Visit
Tarzan at Sandy Beach
Myths & Legends
Tommy O'Brien
"Santa" Meighan
The Missing Hydrofoil
The Ghost Horses Legend
Municipal History
Creation of the Harvey's Lake Borough
Pollution at the Lake
Drownings at the Lake
Death by Seaplane
Diving for Bodies

Drownings at Harvey's Lake

A Century of Drownings

Early Schools
Pennsylvania School System
Lake Area Schools


The Lumber Mills at Outlet

Ice Cutting on Harvey's Lake


Notes on the Dallas Trolley Line by D. A. Waters
The Lake Line Trolley
Rood's Bus Line

The Bowman's Creek Branch of the Lehigh Valley Railroad

Special Sections
Collecting Postcards

The Lost History of Fern Brook Park

History Timeline

Ch. 1 Accidental Discovery

Ch. 2 Pioneer Settlement

Ch. 3 Early Hotels

Ch. 4 The Golden Era

Ch. 5 Steamboats

Ch. 6 Between the Wars

Ch. 7 The Modern Era

Ghost Towns of North Mountain


1. Albert Lewis and Arthur Stull

2. The Bowman's Creek Branch of the Lehigh Valley Railroad

3. The Town of Stull

4. The Town of Mountain Springs

5. Col. Robert Bruce Ricketts

6. The Town of Ricketts


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