Fern Brook had a brief notice that it was opened in late May 1947 for the Memorial Day holiday - but no further accounts for the year are readily available. 

Other venues, particularly Sans  Souci and Rocky Glen drew enormous crowds.  And a local legend, Lee Vincent, was beginning his career at Sans Souci.  He had played with area bands at Fern Brook earlier but the war disrupted his career, which he resumed after the war.  He is still playing at this time.

In April 1948 workmen began to cut the trees at the Park and to dismantle the roller coaster, dance hall, and remaining buildings.  The grounds were to be leveled for building and parking. 

The 17 acre property was sold by the Wilkes-Barre Transit Company (successor to the earlier trolley line) to a Wilkes-Barre based industrial development authority which contracted with Bloomsburg Mills, Inc., for an 80,000 square foot textile manufacturing plant.  In 1955 Bloomsburg Mills closed the plant. It became the Linear Plant in later years. The site is now the location of Offset Paperback, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of paperback books. 

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Copyright 2007 F. Charles Petrillo