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Death by Seaplane, Pt.2: Frantz Burial

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Frantz Burial Is In Lebanon

The Wilkes-Barre Record, Sept. 11 , 1941.

3 Others Injured in Lake Accident Reported on Road to Recovery

Body of Teddy Frantz, 53, of Upper Darby, real estate development expert who had spent four summers at Harvey’s Lake and who was drowned when his motorboat crashed through a parked seaplane at Harvey’s Lake Tuesday night, was taken to the home of his parents at Lebanon yesterday for burial.

Reports last night were that the three other persons who were in the speedboat with Frantz were recovering from injuries. Miss Thelma Brodhead, 21, of Paradise Camp, near the Picnic Grounds, who was swept into the water with Frantz when the boat went through the fuselage of the plane, received contusions of the side, right arm and shoulder. Her mother, Mrs. Margaret Brodhead, 50, formerly of Simpson Street, city, suffered only minor bruises. Ray H. Jewett of Detroit, who was swept from the seat where he was riding with Frantz and Miss Brodhead and thrown back with Mrs. Brodhead to the rear of the boat, received contusions of the head and left shoulder.

Deputy Coroner R. L. Brickel at Dallas said last night that no inquest will be required, the Coroner’s office listing the death as accidental.

Frantz, victim of the only drowning this summer at Harvey’s Lake, was widely known and well liked since he and his wife came here from Upper Darby four years ago.

He purchased and developed about 15 acres of the old Lewis lumbering tract at the Alderson end of the lake. He erected a number of attractive cabins, bungalows and cottages and the development, known as “Stonehurst,” has become one of the showplaces of the resort. He and Mrs. Frantz had no children. He is survived by his wife and his parents and several brothers and sisters.

Owner of the seaplane, Mack A. Stogner of New York City, was notified of the mishap by Chief of Police Ira Stevenson of Harvey’s Lake and arranged to have repairs made. Stogner has the commissary concession at the American Car and Foundry Company at Berwick and has a private pilot’s license. He flew the plane here three weeks ago and parked it some distance from the shore near the Girl Scout Camp. He has resided at Hotel Berwick.

The plane did not sink and repairs can be made to the fuselage and the plane made serviceable.

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