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The Pennsylvania School System


Chapter 4: Teacher Education and Normal Schools

When the Free School Act of 1834 was adopted, most teachers were simply men and women who had completed the upper grades of the common schools.  The existing colleges and private academies in the state did not meet the demand for teachers created by the Free School Act of 1834.  The 1834 law granted school district inspectors the authority to issue teachers’ certificates if the applicant was qualified to teach “reading, writing and arithmetic.”

The Normal School Act of 1857 encouraged the development of private teacher or “Normal” schools.  Eventually, there were 14 schools created.  Several Lake Township teachers went to Bloomsburg Normal School which was created in 1871.  The state began to financially support the Normal schools in 1861.  In 1911 the state purchased the Normal School system for $1,600,000.00.  They became the State Teaches College system in 1926 and their functions enlarged as four year institutions.




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Copyright 2006-2007 F. Charles Petrillo

Copyright 2006-2008 F. Charles Petrillo